Pizza Delivery Guy Fired After Criticizing Ohio State’s Defense To Coaches Wife


My mother always warned me to watch what I say to people, and to know who I’m saying things to.

Fox 28 in Columbus is reporting that a pizza delivery guy says he was fired after he made comments to defensive coordinator Luke Fickell’s wife about the defensive unit not being up to par.

The man stated that he was only joking when he made those remarks, but the next day when he returned to work he was fired.

Coach Fickell declined to comment on the story.

A Ohio State spokesperson did comment.

“it would not be uncommon for a consumer to register a complaint with a retail manager over a negative experience, if the Fickells did indeed have such a discussion. It is unfortunate that this individual has lost his job, but the responsibility for this should not rest with the Fickell family.”

The Fickell’s are going to catch pure hell over this story, and I can’t really say if it’s deserved or not.

The moral to the story though is watch what you say to people.


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