Plaxico Burress Says He Wasn’t Going 105 MPH in a Motorcycle, it Was His Ferrari

If there was one quote that sums up why Plaxico will be on the ESPN 30 for 30 BROKE 2 in 2015, this would be it.  Here is Plaxico getting annoyed about an incorrect report.  It wasn’t incorrect about him getting ticketed for speeding, but the type of vehicle he was in.

“First of all, I wasn’t riding a motorcycle,” Burress said. “The report is wrong. I was driving a car, driving a Ferrari, got pulled over, got a speeding ticket.”

Asked if he was driving the Ferrari 50 mph over the speed limit, Burress said, “It was close to that, but going fast in a Ferrari, doing 100 in a Ferrari, feels like 45.”

Some guys will never get it.

If he only ran as fast as he drove he might be on a NFL team right now.