Rasheed Wallace Says College Players Are Hungrier Than NBA (Video)


Rasheed is joining in on a discussion that will never be agreed upon, what level of basketball is better, College or NBA?

Being in North Carolina, its kind of hard to ignore all things college, with some of the NCAA’s best teams, UNC of Chapel Hill, Duke, NC State, and Wake Forest. Rasheed has even played at North Carolina Centrals Pro Am where some of college and NBA best attend for a summer of basketball. Its no surprise he enjoys it, in NC, college basketball is what they breathe.

“I was more interested in college. To me it seemed in college ball, guys are more hungry. It’s for a different circumstance when you’re talking about playing for money and playing for heart. “Not saying that guys in the NBA don’t play for heart, but once you get that money, you’re under a different mindset. But when you’re trying to get there and get on this level, you’re more hungry.’’

Wallace makes a valid point, a lot of college players look to go to the NBA to take care of their families so their hunger and determination is at a high. Once the player reaches the NBA and starts making money beyond their dreams, thats where a lot of players lose their focus and why they are there.

Either way, I have a video of Rasheed in practice and instead of worrying about college players, his focus needs to be on the court,he has A LOT of work to do to get back in shape. He looks a little slow. Slow might be an understatement, you can definitely tell his age.

H/T: Probasketballtalk.com