Ravens Bryant McKinnie Sued For $375k in Unpaid Strip Club “Services”

I normally don’t do this, but no need to beat around the bush.

McKinnie is known as being one of the biggest simps not in just in the NFL, but in professional sports. No crime against that, but if you are going to simp at least pay your bills.

According to Jocks and Stiletto Jill, McKinnie is being sued by not one, but several Miami strip clubs where he does the majority of his tricking for  $375k.

One of the clubs is owned by rapper Trick Daddy’s son.

Unlike most athletes who get strippers on credit, McKinnie was dumb enough to sign a promissory note. The reason that McKinnie couldn’t pay at the time (the alleged services happened between 2009-10) was because he was broke. That is why the lockout loan people are after him as well to the sum of over $4 million.  His wages are currently being garnished because of that.

Don’t  live a Make it Rain life if your pockets are only Partly Cloudy.


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