Ray Allen’s Ankle Still Hurting, Downplays Poor Preseason Shooting

The reality is that Ray Allen’s ankle will probably never be 100% again and the truth is while he is a big name, he is just a small role player on the Heat.

If his shooting woes continue he won’t be much of a benefit to the team at all.

If he can’t make wide open shots, there is really no reason for him to be on the court. It is just preseason, but his downward slide has been going on for a year now, so there should be some concern.

Here is what Ray had to say.

“I still deal with soreness in my ankle that I work through every day,” Allen said after the Heat’s practice Monday at AmericanAirlines Arena.

“I would like to be in better shape, better condition,” Allen said. “So, you know, I still have to make sure I don’t do too much pounding, because I’m a runner. On off days, I like to run. Right now, I’ve switched to the bicycle to stay off the pounding as much.”

“The stats in preseason don’t really matter to me,” Allen said. “Your minutes are so sporadic, going up and down, and you’re kind of in and out of the game. It would be like me looking up my stats in practice. Sometimes in practice, I think every time I’m running up and down the floor, you want to make shots. But you’re working on certain things — you’re building toward something.”