Report: Eagles Are Likely To Bench Vick For Foles

The writing has been on the wall for sometime now hear in Philadelphia.

For weeks reports have come out that if Michael Vick didn’t improve his turnover problem, or if the Eagles losing ways didn’t change, a switch at quarterback could take place.

Yesterday I wrote about Michael Vick stating that Andy Reid was considering benching him for rookie Nick Foles. 

According to Pro Football Talk, Howard Eskin a sideline reporter for the Eagles Radio broadcast here in Philadelphia tweeted out statements that lead him to believe a quarterback switch will take place.

According to Eskin’s, “the decision came after coach Andy Reid met with coaches after the Week Eight loss to discuss the quarterback situation.

We can’t officially confirm the rumor, because the Philadelphia Eagles football offices are closed today due to Hurricane Sandy hitting our area.

As I’ve said countless times, Andy Reid can make a quarterback change if he likes, but it won’t change the weak offensive line, the inept play calling, or his defenses inability to cover or tackle.



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