Rex Ryan Wants Reggie Bush To Apologize For Comments About Revis Injury

The “Hot Sauce” controversy between the New York Jets and Reggie Bush is starting to really heat up.

Last month before the Jets took on the Dolphins, Rex Ryan blurted out in a presser that he needed his defense to”pour hot sauce on Reggie Bush.”

Bush was subsequently knocked out of that game against the Jets with a knee injury.

The damage was done at that point.

Later in that same ball game Jets all pro cornerback Darrelle Revis suffered a season ending knee injury.

Rex Ryan after that ball game tried to back pedal from the hot sauce comments, saying Bush misunderstood him.

Bush then fired a shot of his own saying Revis knee injury was karma for what Ryan said, and he deserved to get hurt.

Well after all that and then some, the Jets and Dolphins square off again, and according to ESPN New York, Rex wants an apology from Bush for those comments.

“I’m not worried about that, shoot,” Ryan said. “I apologized for my comments, and I expect him to do the same.”

“For him, I don’t want an apology, and, obviously, I hope he’s taken mine and understands the sincerity,” he said.

“Well, I do,” Ryan told reporters in New York. “I never said we were trying to injure Reggie Bush, that’s not even close. He’s going to get our attention. I’m sorry, but he’s a player that’s going to warrant a lot of attention, and that’s what I meant by my comments. If it was taken differently, I apologized for that. But, trust me, we know when he’s in the game.”

In my opinion, Rex isn’t sure what he wants.  I think he truly wanted an apology from Bush, then heard how he sounded asking a grown man to apologize to him for something so miniscule, and back tracked from that.

Geez Rex make up your mind.