Rockets Rookie Royce White Wants Own Bus to Travel Road Games

White has an anxiety disorder and a fear of flying, so he hasn’t made his way to Rockets’ camp while waiting for some issues to be resolved.

One thing he wants is his own bus to travel to cities close by when the team has to go out on the road.

Until he gets his version of the Madden Cruiser don’t expect him in Rockets camp.

White says on Twitter that he’s working with the team on an “innovative plan” to balance treatment with the NBA schedule.

“I will not travel every game via bus,” he wrote on Twitter. “It was decided that the less flying the less stress.”

“Here’s how it goes,” White said. “I’m scared (going) to the airport, I’m scared going up, I’m uncomfortable in the air and I feel like a million bucks when we hit the runway.”

The Rockets have no timetable for when White will be available to team.  He seems very serious about not coming in until he is comfortable. My suggest to White is not play this out on Twitter, handle it behind closed doors.

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