Rodney Harrison Says Bench Sanchez for Tebow, Which is Why Jets Shouldn’t Do It

What exactly do people think Tebow is going to do if he got the starting job with the Jets?

They have no receivers, bad offensive line and a non-existent running game, do you honestly believe deep in your heart that just inserting Tebow is going to make all that better?

I give credit where credit is due. The Broncos were failing as a team last year and when they put in Tebow they got on a bit of a roll, but people tend to forget he lost 4 of his last 5 games mostly in blow out fashion.

The reason was because teams are smart and they quickly figured out what the Broncos were doing and shut them down offensively.

Tebow isn’t going to be surprising anymore running the spread option. Real quarterbacks are now running the spread options like Robert Griffin III who are a true running and passing threat. The NFL has caught up to it and since Tebow isn’t a legitimate passing threat it would make them one-dimensional and even worse offensively than they are now.

Talking heads like Rodney Harrison who never have an original thought just say things like this because it sounds good to say.

“You gotta make the switch man … I mean I like Sanchez, he’s a cool dude, but Tim Tebow …he’s gonna give you that spark you need.”

Thanks for that great analysis Rodney.

The Jets should have went out and got them a legitimate backup quarterback who can throw the football to give themselves a viable option to Mark Sanchez.

Instead they have a gimmick QB who they know deep down can’t play the position and only causes distractions (not Tebow’s fault) to the team.