Romeo Crennel Can’t Explain Why Jamaal Charles Only Got 5 Carries

It’s highly laughable when a team has one of the premiere talents in the league at running back, yet fails to use him at all during a game.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday afternoon against the Oakland Raiders, when the Kansas City Chiefs extremely talented running back Jamaal Charles only received 5 carries during a loss to the Raiders.

Yes I repeat 5 carries.

According to Arrowhead Pride, head coach Romeo Crennel has no answers either.

“Now, that I’m not exactly sure either.”

“Now, that I’m not exactly sure either. We were rotating our running backs in there. Hillis was back, and he was able to get some carries. He was somewhat effective. When a guy’s effective, we kind of stay with him a little bit. Hillis was able to run through there and break some tackles and get some things done.”

I won’t for one second try to question a head coach in the NFL.

I’m not a coach nor have I ever been one.

I do now regardless of Peyton Hillis or anyone else on the roster, Jamaal Charles only getting 5 touches in a game is a laughable and should get someone fired.


One thought on “Romeo Crennel Can’t Explain Why Jamaal Charles Only Got 5 Carries

  • This is the kind of BS that Chiefs fans have had to deal with for far too long. I’ve been a fan for nearly 30 years and I’m PISSED to hear the coach say this. For all his faults, even Marty Schottenheimer would have enough sense to get his best weapon the ball. Hell, even Herm Edwards would have done his best to give Charles the rock 20-30 times a game. I’m tired of this shit. I pray for the ultimate house cleaning at the end of the season. I’d take Carl Peterson back.

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