Royce White Says He Had Good Meeting With Rockets, Tweets Updates

Yesterday we reported that Rockets rookie forward Royce White has been a no show at Rockets camp due to his highly talked about anxiety issues.

Late Wednesday  White via his agent informed media officials that White and the Rockets had a positive meeting according to Fox 26 in Houston.

“We are trying to figure out a plan for me to be healthy and successful long-term,” White said on Tuesday. “It’s not really anything that’s going on right now. It’s more of trying to take a pro-active approach and trying to put together a solid plan.

“It is definitely linked with my anxiety sure, but it’s not so much as far as my anxiety now. Basically what happened was my doctor, we discussed it, and it was decided the way the plan was now just wasn’t logistically healthy.

“So what can we do strategically to try and improve the chances of everybody being successful in this situation, my success and the Rockets success? If I fail then that’s not good for them either, because it’s an investment.”

White plans to join the team in the near future.

White released a statement via his publicist Wednesday giving an outlook on his prognosis.

auses me anxiety to know that serious consequences could happen if I do not express what I deal with, or if I am not truthful enough to ask for what I need, to be healthy. For me, hiding is no longer a healthy option in treating my anxiety or OCD, so I have asked for some help from the organization to ensure long-term health for myself.
“It has been determined that without a specific plan in place, the current workplace is not healthy for me. I feel that it is essential to formulate the right plan for a better chance of execution, despite other timelines or agendas. The most important agenda to me is a plan that is healthy. Therefore, a plan has been requested that will support a healthy work environment. In addition to this, it has been requested that the standard requirements for players in regards to this plan be voided because it is not a standard situation.
“It is regrettable that I cannot be currently present, but long term health obviously should be the most important thing. I will continue to champion the cause for mental illness being met with understanding; if not, the ramifications are dangerous.
“Mental illness is a very individual based disorder – very unique for each person. So for those who come forward and ask for help, a very unique support plan should be the solution, given the nature of mental illness.
“No blame is being placed on the Rockets organization.”
White later took to twitter to share his thoughts with his followers.
Royce White has a nice versatile ball game, I just hope he can get it together.