San Francisco Fans Think Brandon Jacobs Gave Giants The 49ers’ Game Plan

I think Brandon Jacobs whines a lot and believes he is a better player than he actually is, but I don’t think he would do something this sinister.

I love a good conspiracy theory like the next person, but this would get Jacobs blackballed from the league, if it actually happened.

Some 49ers fans though, believe it to be true. Here are just a few of the comments.

“I’m telling you man, I have a really hard time believing there’s no chance Jacobs did something fishy. It straight up LOOKED like they knew our entire gameplan and everything we were gonna do, then when you factor in we have a player who’s been documented as being pissed at the coaching staff for never playing, AND that he used to play for our opponent and is clearly still very buddy-buddy with them based on his post-game actions, it’s very very very very VERY fishy,”

Another fan commented.

“I heard that Ahmad Bradshaw was on the sidelines giving Giants safeties heads up on the routes 49ers WRs were going to run…somethin’ ain’t right,”

Before and after the game, Jacobs was hanging out more with the Giants in their locker room than being with his 49ers teammates, so that seem to irk some of the San Francisco fans.

Jacobs, who has been inactive all year, probably wishes he stayed with the Giants, but I doubt he was giving them any secrets.

49ers fan just need to accept the fact, they loss to a better team on Sunday. It happens, get over it and move on to the next game.