Seahawks Richard Sherman Brags on Shutting Down Calvin Johnson Ignores They Lost Game

I knew the attention Richard Sherman got from his Tom Brady “U Mad Bro” photos and Tweets would go to his head. I warned him on Twitter to remember that he is still Richard Sherman and not to let the Twitter fame get to him.

Those warnings were ignore. Instead of talking exclusively how the Seahawks were beat by the Lions, Sherman felt the need to puff his own chest out about how he contained Calvin Johnson.

“I mean, you see his numbers – they speak for themselves,” Sherman said. “He was a non-factor. So, you know, that’s how that went.”

There was some other numbers that Sherman failed to speak on.

Specifically, the 352 yards and 3 TDs that Matthew Stafford lit up the Lions secondary with and the 9 catch 100 yard 2 TD day Titus Young had.

What Sherman doesn’t understand is part of being a great player like Calvin Johnson isn’t just about stats.  It is about getting players like Sherman so worked up trying to stop them it allows other players to thrive.

So, no Mr. Sherman Megatron wasn’t a non-factor you just allowed Starscream to blow up your base.

2 thoughts on “Seahawks Richard Sherman Brags on Shutting Down Calvin Johnson Ignores They Lost Game

  • Could not have said it better myself. This guy is an idiot. He also failed to mention the help he got over the top all game long. *smh* Cats be full of themselves. The reason CJ hasn’t had a season like last years is because teams know they can’t have single coverage on him. So it’s minimum 2 guys on him and I’ve even seen up to 3 guys. So no one is catching anything like that. But you keep thinkin’ your the man Sherm, yeah you really did a number on Calvin. Yeah right.

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