Seahawks Richard Sherman Has Some Words Via Twitter For Tom Brady

I understand Richard Sherman is a little excited, but settle down now.  Tom Brady has been to five Super Bowls and you are an up and coming cornerback that most people didn’t even know until right now.

With that being said, Brady talked the talked but didn’t walk the walk, so he opened himself up for trolling.  You have to back up your trash talk or have to worry about guys going to Twitter with their amateur photoshop skills.

Sort of like when young rappers make diss songs about Jay Z.

14 thoughts on “Seahawks Richard Sherman Has Some Words Via Twitter For Tom Brady

  • Ok….if they meet NE in the playoffs we will see what happens…Brady doesn’t forget

    • LB, they can’t meet in the playoffs. Only the Super Bowl.

      • The Super Bowl is part of the playoffs…

  • To be fair, people are only learning who he is now because he plays in Seattle. He’s only in his second year, but has been ranked as a top 10 cover corner by advanced stats since he began starting last year. If you watch film on him, he’s absolutely a future shut down corner. Ont played the position since 2009 too as he had been a wide out

  • Frustrating! I want real men on the field. These new yuppy players show their lack of respect for themselves, others, mothers who taught them (or should have), owners and coaches. I would not have a nasty, dirty looking little boy on my team of men. All owners need to adopt a dress code and respect code for their teams and get rid of the TRASH!!!!!!

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