Should Derrick Rose Sit Out The Entire Season?



ACL Tear is one of the most frightening things one can hear in the world of sports.

It’s a harsh reality that can alter the course of history and cut an athlete’s career short. We always have trepidation about an athlete and his return from the dreaded ACL Tear. This is currently where the city of Chicago and their Bulls basketball team are with their star, Derrick Rose.

Given Rose’s love for his city and the game, it is safe to assume that Rose wants to return as soon as possible, but should he sit out the upcoming season to give himself adequate time to heal?

Often injured, Rose’s ACL Tear in Game 1 of the First Round playoff series against the Sixers last season was his most serious to date. Just this past season, Rose missed 27 of the 66 games the Bulls played in their regular season due to various injuries. The Bulls scrapped their way to the number one seed without Rose for most of the season, before the lack of scoring ultimately led the Bulls falling to the Sixers in 6 games.

The Bulls have recently signed Kirk Hinrich to play Point Guard until Rose is able to return. A decent shooter and defender, Hinrich can help fill the void and may fit the Bulls identity more than Rose. That is not to say he is BETTER than Rose, but he can make a seamless addition to the lineup. However, once a team with championship dreams, the Bulls can’t feel the same without the superstar ability of Rose. While Hinrich is a servicable player in this league, he may not make the Bulls more than a lower seed, first round exit this season.

Looking forward, Rose is only 24 years old and has a long future ahead of him. There is no need for him to risk his long term health in his knee to come back too soon. Taking the right precautions can allow Rose to find the best course of action to assure that he won’t reinjure the knee.

So in the grand scheme, I believe Rose is best served staying out the entire season to get the knee to 100%, and not 85% needed to get back on the court. The Bulls core of Joakim Noah, and Loul Deng will still be young enough to make one more run at a title in the 2013-2014. Of course, the choice will ultimately be his.