Steve Francis Is Being Sued For Missed Payments On 1964 Ford Thunderbird

I’m not sure if this is a 30 for 30 Broke moment, but it’s definitely not good business.

Deadspin is reporting that former Houston Rockets guard Steve Francis is being sued for $9,000 in missed payments on a 1964 Ford Thunderbird.

According to court documents filed in Harris County, Texas, Francis reportedly agreed to purchase a 1964 Ford Thunderbird for $15,000 from a  Scott Wieber.

The lawsuit claims Francis paid $6,000 up front, and promised to pay $1,000 a month for the remainder of the balance.

Mr. Wieber claims he hasn’t seen a dime from Francis since.

Court documents claim Francis started to make up excuses for why he shouldn’t or couldn’t make the payments.

Francis once claimed that the vehicle blew up.

Francis cousin, “Gator,” had the vehicle placed in the shop once and told Wieber something was wrong with the vehicle.

The mechanic who worked on the automobile informed Mr. Wieber that it was regular maintenance.

Court records confirm Francis still has the vehicle, and Mr. Wieber is suing for actual damages, punitive damages, and court cost.

Francis has gone into hiding and unable to respond to the suit.