Teacher Katie Hightower Arrested For Having Sex With HS Football Player

Meet 26-year-old Katie Meagan Hightower a teacher at Prue high school in Oklahoma.

Katie likes her men young, real young, like 16 years old-young. Katie was a chaperone for the high school football team on road trips, but she wasn’t very good at her job, depending on how you look at it.

Before one of the out-of-town trips she invited some of the boys back to her home where she got them liquored up, before taking one of the boys back to her room to score a Touchdown.

When the boys went out-of-town for a scrimmage, she made sure to sit next to the boy she deflowered.  She coached the other boys if ever asked about what happened that night to lie, but that didn’t work out as the kids blabbed to their parents and the police.

The police got a hold of Hightower’s phone records and 45% of her text messages and naughty photos were to the 16-year-old boy (a little over 700 messages). The kids even pointed out that she had shown them photos of her Ex-Husband’s genitals (don’t ask me why).

According to Channel 6 News in Oklahoma Hightower has been charged with second-degree rape of a minor and furnishing an alcoholic beverage to minors.

One last tidbit of interest, Hightower’s Ex-Husband is one of her former students who she married after he graduated from High School.

Imagine that………..

3 thoughts on “Teacher Katie Hightower Arrested For Having Sex With HS Football Player

  • LOL….of course the other boys dropped a dime…she wasn’t screwing them…she should have banged the entire team..lol

  • I can absolutely guarantee she didn’t “deflower” that boy…he slept around more than almost anyone at that school. What she did was wrong, but don’t paint that guy as an innocent victim.

  • Give me a break, although super inappropriate & gross in my opinion you can’t rape a 16 yr old! Lmao they’re horn dogs & I’m sure that got him a super cool rep with his buddies, if he didn’t want it it wouldn’t of happened & we all know why

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