Tebow and Sanchez Ranked #1 and #2 on Overrated List

The Jets and their players just continue to dominate headlines today.

In a Sports Illustrated poll, they asked 180 NFL players to name the most overrated player in the league.

Not surprisingly, The Jets Tim Tebow won the poll in a landslide coming in with 34% of the vote. While no one else got higher than 10%, another Jet came in second in the same poll. Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez received 8% of the vote.

Other notables on the list were Tony Romo at 8%, Micheal Vick at 4%, and Ray Lewis at 3%.

I completely understand Tebow being first, but the Sanchez vote confuses me slightly. Unless the definition of overrated has changed, it still means giving more credit then what is due.

Sanchez’s play the past couple seasons in no way warrants extreme credit and most think he is a sub par quarterback.


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