Teen Tries To Leap Over Moving Car To Impress College Football Recruiters (Video)

I must warn you the video can be quite disturbing.

It’s not posted for comedy, but I do wonder what exactly he was trying to prove.

The Big Lead via WKMG in Orlando is reporting that 19-year-old Bladimir Barreto, tried to jump over a moving car, to in his words, “impress college football recruiters.”

Barreto was critically injured, and had to be airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical Center with head injuries and several broken bones.

Barreto has 89 stitches in one leg, and has not woken up since the accident.

In the graphic video, Barreto is seen running towards a moving car and attempting to jump over it.

That attempt never quite took place, and he was subsequently hit and thrown over the car.

Reports say that Barreto’s 17 year old brother Jerome was driving the vehicle.

The person videotaping the accident was Barreto’s other brother Giovanny.

Neighbor and friend Cameron Tennant says he can’t believe what happened.

“I feel really bad for them, I know they weren’t expecting that at all.”

“I mean he’s always doing stuff like that and he’s always getting it right, so I guess he just got over-confident,” said Tennant.

Palm Bay Police say Bay say Barreto was an athlete who performed all types of tricks, stunts, crazy flips, and wanted to impress college coaches.

Reports are that Barreto was trying to duplicate this stunt done by Kobe Bryant in 2008, in which Bryant can be seen jumping over a moving Aston Martin.