The NFL OKed Reggie White’s “Smash for Cash” Program in 1996

Two major difference between now and 1996.

Roger Goodell wasn’t the overlord of the league and social media hadn’t change the way the NFL is covered. With that being said this information provided by Pro Football Zone is interesting.

“In its latest filing in the bounty case, a copy of which PFT has obtained, the NFLPA says that the NFL knew White was paying teammates for hits and allowed it to continue, and therefore is showing inconsistency now by suspending four players for a similar pay-for-performance program with the Saints.

“The filing from the NFLPA in the bounty case discusses White’s ‘Smash for Cash’ program, which included $500 payments for big hits. At the time, according to the NFLPA, the NFL said the program was OK ‘as long as players use their own money, amounts are not exorbitant and payments aren’t for illegal hits.’

“The NFLPA says that the NFL’s rules haven’t changed since then, but the NFL’s PR agenda has,” wrote Smith

Hypocrisy in the NFL?????


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  • Two totally different commissioners and the awareness of concussions has changed, can’t really call out Goodell and the NFL on this one.

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