Tim Tebow Has Officially Trademarked Tebowing, Says He Won’t Profit

Well it took long enough.

With the world fully engulfed in Tebow mania, Tim Tebow himself is continuing to take steps to make sure no one profits off it except him.

ESPN’s Jane McManus is reporting that Tim Tebow has quietly won his battle to become the legal owner of the phrase “Tebowing.”


Tebow has been involved in a two battle over the trademark rights since last December.

Tebow initially tried to shut down the owners of Tebowing.com, last winter.

That fan, Jared Kleinstein, filed filed paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the rights to Tebowing four days after creating the site. He and another website operator who sells Tebowing merchandise were turned down on their attempt to trademark “Tebowing” because of a “false connection” to a living individual, Newsday reports. Tebow’s lawyer had protested each of their applications and got the ruling in his client’s favor. Both Kleinstein and the other creator have a chance to respond to their trademark request by August 22.

The attorney for Tim Tebow reportedly sent out letters stating allowing someone other than Tim to have the trademark, would definitely cause some confusion.

Deadspin is reporting that after some back and forth litigation, the trademark attorney that handled the case, denied the application for both applicants.

Last week Tebow’s trademark application finally went through, and now young Tim owns the right to “Tebowing.”

Tebow for his part again reiterated that he will not profit whatsoever from his ownership of “Tebowing.”

We’ll see.


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  • Are you kidding me ?? Won’t profit – my ass !!! It’s a Tax Writeoff, just like being fined (that’s called loss of income).

    It’s a Tax Writeoff…….

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