Tim Tebow Says It’s Fine That NFL Players Voted Him Most Overrated Player

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow could give Cameron Newton a few pointers on how to deal with media scrutiny.

Tebow takes every question and criticism with a grain of salt, and offers you a “god bless you” at the end of every answer.

Tebow and teammate were Mark Sanchez both recently finished 1 & 2 in a Sports Illustrated poll among NFL players who voted on the leagues most overrated players.

Tebow is his usual smooth demeanor, let it roll of his back and offered a positive to the diss via NFL.com.

“I didn’t see it. Yeah, it’s really fine,” Tebow said. “It’s both sides, because they also voted me in the Top 100 (players on NFL Network), too.”

Gangster response.

You see that Cameron.

Kill them with kindness.