Tom Brady Says He And Peyton Manning Are Totally Different Players

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have never come off as the best of friends.

If you were to ask me, from the outside looking in, I would assume the two don’t like each other.

Manning did admit recently that Brady did call him and wish him well, during all his neck troubles.

Brady recently spoke with Albert Breer of and offered a little candid insight into his feelings about Manning.

“Everyone’s an individual, different as a player,” Brady said. “But we’ve had conversations about offensive football. We do a certain amount of things in our offense, and they do something different in theirs.

“What I’d say is he’s got great technique and fundamentals, and he never snaps the ball into a bad defense. That’s how we play, too. We won’t snap the ball without having a real high percentage of success there. But I don’t (think) that, fundamentally, I’ve taken anything. We’re different players.”

I don’t think the two will ever be great friends.

They’ve spent the bulk of their careers being compared to one another on a weekly basis.

Any significant relationship that the two men might have, will come when they are long done playing.


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