Tom Brady Says People have been Spoiled By Patriots Success

The New England Patriots are 4-3 like several other teams are in the NFL.

The Patriots have won a few close games, and lost a few.

Are they the same juggernaut from years past?

Obviously not, but if they get the kinks ironed out, they’ll definitely be there in the end.

I get the sense Patriots fans are growing inpatient with the team’s inconsistent play this season.

Tom Brady has a message for you, so is he.

The Boston Herald via WEEI is reporting that Brady wants everyone to know he wants to win just as bad as you want him to win.

He also feels Patriots fans have grown a bit “spoiled.”

“I’m certainly pleased by winning. I think that’s the most important thing,” Brady said on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan. “They all count the same. We’ve been on the losing end of a one-point game, a one-point game and a two-point game, so it’s good to win a three-point game.”

Brady was asked about his teams inability to close games out this season.

He again stressed a win is a win, and in the NFL, wins are hard to come by.

“Well, we’re trying to do it. I don’t think you just flip a switch,” Brady said in terms of the offense closing out games. “I wish it were that easy, and maybe there were times when it did look that easy.

“Maybe we just spoiled some people in the meantime because it’s hard to win, man. It’s hard to win.”

“We had a supreme level of talent, and we played extremely well from week to week,” Brady said. “We had some of our best — it was one of those years where everything worked. The result of the season was nothing. We lost. The result of a 14-2 season a few seasons ago, we lost. The result of a 13-3 season last year, we lost. We’re only in it for one thing, and it’s to be the one team at the end of the year that’s happy about how the year went, but that’s a long ways from now. We have a long time to get better and work hard and try to learn from our mistakes. I’m glad when you win. You can learn from your mistakes, too, because there are plenty of mistakes for us to learn from.”

I wouldn’t take Brady’s comments to serious if I am a Patriots fan.

The organization can’t win every game, and you’ve won Super Bowls, even it’s been eight years since the last one.

Calm down Patriots fans.  Enjoy Tom terrific while you still have him.

The nerve of some fans expecting their team to win every game.

Lol Patriots fans, try switching places with a Browns, Chief, or Jaguars fan.

That’s all Brady is saying.