Tyrann Mathieu And Family Blast Sports Illustrated, Says Story Was Fabricated

Yesterday we reported on allegations involving former Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu and whether or not his ability to return to the LSU program would be compromised due to a Sports Illustrated story that claims Mathieu received improper benefits.

Now the Mathieu family is fighting back in their own way.

According to Fox 8 New Orleans, Tyrann Mathieu and his family are saying the Sports Illustrated story is made up and as Sheila Mathieu claims, “ridiculous.”

They twisted things and cobbled together details from past articles because we wouldn’t sit down with them,” she told FOX 8 Sports. “We have always believed in being a tight-knit family. God first, family second, work and school third. That’s what Tyrann is doing now, and he’s on an avenue to success, making good grades and putting his life in order.”

 Tyrann stated “they called from blocked numbers repeatedly, asking me why I was dodging them.”  “They came to my home and that of my elderly mother on multiple occasions.”
The family hired a law firm in an attempt to stop Sports Illustrated’s interview request.
A  letter from Irpino Law Firm in New Orleans was sent to Sport Illustrated and Peter Thamel trying to get them to leave the family alone.
“You have been consistently harassing Mr. Mathieu and his family regarding personal issues. Mr. Mathieu informed you that they have no desire to respond to your inquiries. Despite repeated assertions of this position… you have trespassed on the Mathieu’s property and otherwise violated their privacy… Demand is made that you cease and desist from any attempts at making contact with Mr. Mathieu or any member of his family.”
I’m not sure what to make of this whole situation.  I can attest to the fact that the young man has put himself in the line of fire with some shady behavior, and having even worse friends.
I have personally seen video and photo’s of Tyrann in not the best of lights, and those who swear that they care about him should never have allowed him to be filmed or photographed in such compromising situations.
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  • I love that SI claims that he may have received “improper benefits” while constantly harassing him. The NCAA claims “improper benefits” yet college athletes are subject to their houses being egged, harassing calls from fans and media, and a general lack of privacy; yet the same NCAA makes billions of tax free money, while claiming to be a NON-profit organization. SHAMEFULL!!!

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