Tyrann Mathieu May Lose Remaining Eligibility Over Improper Benefits (video)

Ah just when I thought things were looking up for the Honey Badger, things might have hit a snag, and he may not even realize his faults in the situation.

The former Heisman Trophy finalist may have broken NCAA rules this time.

According to Sports Illustrated, Mathieu and a current LSU football player were allowing their images to be used on flyers to promote a party in Baton Rouge last March.

Mathieu has two photos on the flyer in his game  jersey that promote a part at the Palace night club in Baton Rouge.

Tyrann was named as the party host, received a boat load of benefits from the club that included free access to the VIP and free admission for himself and Tiger teammates.


Even if the accusations seem small in regards to other violations, there is a specific by-law that prohibits such activity.

NCAA rule says any student-athlete who “accepts any remuneration or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind” is ineligible.

Mathieu has also dabbled in the world of hip hop and rap music and has been linked to agroup called the Era Nation.

Reports say the group is made up of athletes, rappers and songwriters.

Mathieu also appeared on the front of promotional flyers with that group also. He’s appeared on videos promoting his group, club appearances, and that clubs chicken wing and french fries.

Should Mathieu try to to return to the Tigers, he will have to deal with drug and eligibility issues.

Mathieu like so many inner city kids must wake up and understand that he has to walk to the beat of his own drum.

His story is filled with a lack of appropriate role models, a father who has spent most of Tyrann’s life in prison and friends who seem to be only along for the ride.

It speaks of friends allowing Mathieu to smoke marijuana knowing he’d be tested a few days afterward.  So called friends boastfully bragging about how they won’t have to work as hard once Tyrann makes it to the league and so on.

To many times we as African-American males feel this obligation to try to take care of everyone, to not turn our backs.

What Tyrann and so many other must understand is that it works both ways.  Yea as an athlete I’ll do my best to take care of those that were there for many through thick and thin, and in turn that athlete should expect those around him to work just as hard at whatever they do.  To not put him in bad situations, to try to achieve success on their own.

How many times have we seen an athlete have to walk away from those who came along for the ride because those people started to bring him down, or how many times have we seen an athlete allow those not doing anything around him to completely bring him down and ruin the dream for everyone.




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