Tyson Chandler Thinks Knicks Can Be a Top 5 Defensive Team

The Knicks will be a better defensive team and Chandler is a Top 5 defensive player, but no team with Amare and Carmelo is going to be Top 5 defensively in the NBA.

If they are around the Top 10 that would be excellent. The middle of the pack would be more realistic, but it is good to have goals.

We should be in the top 5,” Chandler said on Tuesday. “If you’re in the top 10 in the league you’re doing a good job. … But our goals should be bigger than that. This team, with the unit that we have, the talent, the athleticism and plus the knowledge, we should be in the top 5.”

Knicks finished 11th in points allowed, which to me is the only category that matters, if they can match that as Chandler said they will be doing a good job.

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