Urban Meyer Says It Too Early To Talk About Braxton Miller And Heisman

Ohio State Sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller is a walking highlight reel.

Whether it be the amazing run against Cal, or setting a school rushing for a quarterback with 186 against Nebraska, Braxton Miller is racking up Heisman hype each Saturday.

According to USA Today, his coach Urban Meyer is saying slow down, not so fast.

“I don’t think Braxton’s a Heisman candidate right now.”

“I think he’s certainly one to watch,” Meyer said. “He’s got the ability. But then again, I don’t know who is (a Heisman candidate), really, halfway through the season. In about two or three games, I think you can start talking about it. I’m not talking to Braxton about it.

“At the right time, he will be a candidate if he continues to play very well.”

I’ve said repeatedly that this is not Miller’s season, and next season he is my clear-cut favorite to win the award.