Victor Cruz Says Carlos Rogers Salsa Imitation Is A Slap In The Face

At first glance, I thought this was the reason Cruz was considering ditching the Salsa for a new dance.

Turns out he just may want to do something different.

The Niners and the Giants meet in a NFC Championship rematch this Sunday, and 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers has openly talked about performing his own rendition of the Salsa dance if he scores or makes a big play.

Roger mocked the Cruz dance last season after an interception during the teams regular season meeting.

Cruz reportedly spoke about his displeasure with the dance in his recently released novel.

Cruz spoke about again recently via the Bay Area News Group.

“It’s something I do for my grandmother and something that’s sacred to me,” Cruz said. “Due to her passing, and even before, it’s why I do it. She taught me how to do it. Knowing that, it’s a little slap in the face.”

“I obviously won’t be OK with that. It is what it is. He’ll choose what he wants to do. I won’t retaliate or do something crazy. But it won’t sit well with me.”

For the record, as recently as a few hours ago Rogers said he didn’t know that the dance was a tribute to Cruz late grandmother, and that fact may change how he approaches it.