Vince Young Says Not His Fault He’s Broke, Blames His Uncle; Waiting for NFL Call


I am not an alcoholic, but I believe in the 12 step program the first step is admitting you have a problem. If you don’t complete the first step, you can’t even start to get to the other 11.

Vince Young has a problem taking responsibility for his own actions.

It is always someone’s else fault for his mistakes. If he has any chance of getting back in the NFL and life back in order, he needs to stand in the mirror for 24 hours straight and realize a lot of his problems are his own doing.

The Houston Chronicle spoke to VY and he essentially passes the blame to a family member, agent and advisers for his financial troubles.

“(I was) trusting people that I felt had the best interest for me, and they didn’t. I don’t understand that. It breaks my heart.”

“I did get a couple of warning signs, but I trusted these guys,” Young said in the interview. “I was playing football, and when you’re a young guy coming into the league, of course you’re focused on playing football, learning the offense, fitting in with teammates.”

“My Uncle Keith is family, and you have to remember that,” Young said. “So I’ll have to forgive and forget. But I know I can’t do business with him again.”

I don’t doubt any of this is true, but from the moment he declared for the NFL funny things were happening with his money. Loans, bad investments and in some cases just millions of dollars disappearing right under Young’s nose.

I believe he was taken advantage of, but a part of that was because he wasn’t paying attention. He was too busy partying, taking Patron shots with Lendale White and spending money like he thought it would there forever.

Now, he is unemployed and while I doubt he will ever be broke to the point he can’t live comfortably, he isn’t set for life like he should be after making close to $50 million in NFL salaries and endorsements.

I hope all athletes pay close attention to his story so they won’t be next.


  1. He needs to place a call into LaBron…. He just made the same mistake and placed his money into a friends hands….

  2. “I hope all athletes pay close attention to his story so they won’t be next.”

    Unfortunately there will always be irresponsible pro athletes so there will always be athletes who go broke regardless of how many warnings they receive.

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