Yankees Brian Cashman Says Trading Alex Rodriguez Is Unrealistic

New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez is 37, coming off a horrible playoff performance, and due about $114 million over the next 5 seasons.

General Manager Brian Cashman is the guy who would love to swindle a ball club into taking A-Rod off his hands.

According to the New York Daily News, Cashman knows that feat will be close to impossible to pull off.

“If anybody wants to call me on anything, I will listen to anything about any player,” Cashman said of Rodriguez, who has the right to veto any trade.

“If anyone wastes their time thinking Alex Rodriguez is not going to be with us in spring training, they’d be wrong.”

Cashman also made it a point to acknowledge the fact that Rodriguez will probably never be a MVP caliber player again.

“Is he still a superstar? No.”

“Is he still an above-average player at his position? Yes. He was this year and we expect him to be one moving forward.”

I’m not sure what Cashman’s angle is, but playing down future expectations for A-Rod will not help you trick someone into trading for him.