Youth Football Coach Arrested For Clotheslining 13 Year Kid on Sidelines

Nathan Harris was arrested on second degree felony child abuse charges. The story brought to you by Larry Brown Sports either was a terrible accident or a case of a 45-year-old man with some severe anger issues.

Remember these kids aren’t even in high school yet, the games shouldn’t be that serious. Competitive yes, but something like this shouldn’t happen.

The footage is grainy, but the witness accounts all seem to say the same thing which was described by the police in this statement.

“As the 13-year-old ran down, Mr. Harris stepped out and hit him with his forearm under his chin,” Utah police Sgt. Lance Smith said according to tan Associated Press report. “And then Mr. Harris stepped back and just stood there.”

According to Harris’ attorney the boy just happened to run into Harris’ forearm.

After the incident there was a near riot on the field.  If it happened to my son and I thought a coach did that, I would have flown out of the stands as well.

Harris was ejected from the game and now prosecutors are deciding if they want to press formal charges.

It is just a game….