21 Year Old Man Uses Fake Name to Re-Enter High School to Play Football

I can’t lie I use to have a recurring dream where I went back to High School to play one final season of football. I call it my Al Bundy Dream.

This was a pretty elaborate plot broken down very well by the Sports Grid.

The short version is 17 year Javier Jones transferred to Mount Pleasant High School in Michigan. He had all the proper paperwork and , so no one thought anything about it when he decided he wanted to play football for the team.

He got some run at defensive back and while not a dominant player he was starting.

One problem though Javier Jones is really James Nash. He isn’t 17, but 21. All of his paperwork was forged brilliantly I might add.

He would have gotten away with the caper but a nosy parent snitched on him and he has been dismissed from school.

Javier errrrr James has a great story to tell his grandkids one day.