50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Asked Him to Stage Twitter Beef for Attention


Honestly I am tired of both of these guys.

50 Cent isn’t putting out music and Floyd isn’t fighting, so it appears all they have time to do is bicker on Twitter. Real or fake it is pretty juvenile.

50 is now saying Floyd put him up to the beef while he continues to slander Floyd on Twitter. Get a room you two please or go on Dr. Phil.

50 sounds like such a GOOD FRIEND. If you want to read why there might be something real to their lovers’ quarrel read the article below.

How 50 Cent Tried to Screw Floyd Mayweather & Al Haymon; Jailhouse Letter Leaked

According to Boxing Scene 50 was forced to soften his stance and call off the beef because Golden Boy and Al Haymon threatened to blackball the fighters he signed off major cable and PPV cards.

So, don’t expect to hear more tough talk from 50.


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