50 Cent Says He Would Fight Mayweather for $5 Million; Continues to Embarrass Himself

50 Cent is a very rich man.

He became a very rich man by understanding the art of self promotion. Very similar to a boxing promoter he created an image that was profitable even after the quality of his music declined.

While he had been around hip hop for years, it was his story of being shot 9 times and beef with Ja Rule that lifted him to super stardom.

But, the strategy has grown old over the years and his quest to stay relevant has become desperate. It isn’t the money that 50 Cent craves because he has plenty of that, it is the attention.

He attempted to use his friendship with Floyd Mayweather as another way to garner attention and stay relevant, but he overplayed his hand.

50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather Twitter Beef Real or Fake?

Instead of entering into a mutual business partnership with Floyd, he went behind his back and it has blown up in his face. He has a boxing promotional company that no one wants to deal with. One of the fighters he signed Billy Dib has been kicked off the Cotto vs. Trout PPV simply because Golden Boy and Al Haymon aren’t going to go out of their way to help 50 Cent succeed.

How 50 Cent Tried to Screw Floyd Mayweather & Al Haymon; Jailhouse Letter Leaked

So, he has to resort to this type of juvenile actions on Twitter to keep his name in the news.

According to Complex magazine the proposed $5 million fight was offered by billionaire Alki David and Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing.

The facts are 50 Cent had a great opportunity to do something legit in boxing, but he blew it because he had to be the one to control everything.

In the end he just played himself.

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