9 Year Old Female Football Player Appears On Wheaties Box


Sam Gordon became a National story a few weeks ago when her Youth Football League highlight video went viral. Sam showed the world that girls are capable of playing with the boys and some of the hits she took showed just how tough this 9 year old girl is on the football field.

Sam’s stat line would make any fantasy football lover envious. She finished her season with 1,911 yards rushing, 35 TDs , and 65 tackles. I played Pee Wee football for  5 years before I scored my first touchdown, so 35 earns my admiration.

Here’s what Sam had to say to Jezebel.com’s Laura Beck:

“Another one of my goals was… that I wanted to prove that girls can play, it’s not just a boy’s sport.”

Now Sam will be in the company of  Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, the Dream Team, and many others; as athletes to be featured on the cover of a Wheaties Box.



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