Aaron Rodgers Upset About How He Was Portrayed On 60 Minutes


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is considered the best quarterback in the NFL by some.

With such high regard, comes a ton of attention, and media opportunities.

Rodgers was recently granted a unique opportunity to appear on the famed 60 Minutes television program.

Most people would be elated to have had such an opportunity, except Rodgers.

Rodgers was on ESPN Milwaukee, and expressed his feelings on the 11 minute segment and how he felt deceived by the editing.

“To be honest, I was really surprised,” Rodgers said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on 540 ESPN and ESPNWisconsin.com. “It’s always interesting to see how (a piece like that) comes out. I just felt like the editing of the piece could have been done in a way that was maybe a lot more respectful of myself.

“When you open up your life for four months and allow them to have access to your family and your friends and events, it’s always interesting to see what comes out,” Rodgers said. “I just felt like the editing of the piece could have been done in a way that was maybe a lot more respectful of myself.”

“If I’m sensitive about anything through the whole process, it’s that they come to the MACC Fund event in May, which is very, very important to me and even more important considering the two boys that we lost this year to cancer – Jack (Bartosz) and Bo (Johnson).”

“For them to not even show really any of the content from that night, any of the kids, not say anything about the MACC Fund (or) what they do with kids with cancer, I think that was the thing that was most disappointing about the piece,” Rodgers said. “They had an opportunity to do some great things and really show some things that I’m passionate about, and they didn’t do that.”

Some people will chalk this up to Aaron being Aaron, others will deem him arrogant, and some will understand where he’s coming from.

60 Minutes filmed that segment for ratings, and Aaron should have had some idea that it would be edited to seem as interesting as the producers of 60 Minutes wanted it be.

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