Adrian Peterson Missed Team Bus In Chicago Because He Overslept

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got into a little trouble earlier this week because he had to take a cab to Soldier Field Sunday after missing the team bus.

For days media types speculated on what may have caused his late arrival.

Peterson revealed to ESPN 1500 that he simply overslept.

“I overslept,” the Minnesota Vikings’ star halfback said on Thursday. “I slept through the alarm, through the calls.”

Peterson declined to comment about his lateness after the Viking loss to the Bears.

Peterson did state that he and coach Leslie Frazier had a conversation about the matter.

“It was something we just discussed, talked about,” Peterson said. “It’s over and done with. So, I’m moving forward, worrying about what’s important now.”

“I had the wake-up call set up (in Chicago),” Peterson said. “I slept through it. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.”