Adrian Peterson Plans To Call Derrick Rose, Offer Encouragement

Derrick Rose is rehabbing and coming along nicely from the terrible ACL tear he suffered in the first round of last season’s NBA Playoffs.

Rose seems to be doing fine and is loving all the support he’s getting, but he’s apparently about to get  some more support in terms of a phone call from someone who can relate to his pain.

Minnesota Vikings all world running back Adrian Peterson plans to give Rose a call any day now to check on the young fella and the status of his knee according to ESPN Chicago.

Peterson has made a miraculous comeback from having his knee completely blown out last season, and is on pace to possibly win an MVP.

Peterson spoke candidly about his support for Rose.

“It’s funny you bring that up because I was planning on calling him today or tomorrow, D-Rose,” Peterson told Chicago media in advance of the Vikings’ game at Soldier Field on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. “I just got his contact (information) this weekend, just to talk to him a little bit and see how things are going with him and to answer any questions he has for me.”

Peterson had previously met Rose last year on the set of a video game commercial, but that was before Rose hurt his knee.

“It depends on the questions he has, but the one (piece) of advice I can give him is have your mind set on what you want to accomplish and go after it,” Peterson said. “After four months … the (knee ligaments) are there, it’s stable, it’s strong … don’t back down anything. Because I know around that time my knee was still a little sore too but the ligament was strong and almost stronger than the right side, so you can’t be scared to challenge it and do different things thinking you are going to damage it.”

Rose has admitted publicly that Peterson’s return has inspired him, something Peterson didn’t expect.

“It’s shocking that I inspire him because of the time it took for me to recover from my injury,” Peterson told ESPN Chicago’s Melissa Isaacson on Nov. 9. “When we met that day in Houston, he was getting ready to head out, and I was on the set and he came over and asked ‘Do you mind if I get your autograph?’ He wanted me to sign the back of his phone.

“I don’t always understand the position I’m in. But me looking at Derrick Rose, who’s a superstar and he’s asking me for an autograph, that’s pretty cool.”

Wonderful story.