After Lakers Rejection Phil Jackson Has No Interests in Coaching Anywhere Else

All of you basketball fans that thought Phil Jackson would be available to be the coaching savior for your team…if it’s not the Lakers, Not So Fast

“It’s L.A. It’s the Lakers. It’s the players I’ve been with. It’s my partner’s team. It’s the family business. But I have no intention of going somewhere and starting all over and coaching from scratch,” Jackson said.

Family Busniess???…

I think the way the Lakers have handled their business this past week has been quite tacky.  From the emphatic support of coach Mike Brown and then his sudden firing, to the media frenzy that followed reports that the Lakers were meeting with Phil Jackson and them saying it was Phil’s job to turn down, to the surprise hiring of D’Antoni.

I must admit I thought the perfect ending to this already crazy story would be if Phil Jackson took a coaching position at another west coast team, maybe even the Clippers, and those two met up in the Western Conference finals.

Oh well, looks like that idea might have been a little far-fetched even for a team in La La Land…