Al Horford’s Little Brother Hysterical Reaction to Hot Cheerleader (Video)

As we men get older, we learn to perfect the art of checking out girls without looking like we aren’t checking out girls. But when you are just discovering the joys that is the female form, it is sometimes difficult to keep your eyeballs inside of your head.

At last night’s Hawks vs Wizards game, Al Horford’s little brother was sitting courtside when he just couldn’t contain himself. Now its pretty cool that your big brother is an all star center in the NBA, you also get to sit in the rich people seats. But then, you are going to tell me you have a hot cheerleader bringing you a tray full of candy to choose from? All this kid needed was an X-Box controller in his playing 2K13 on the Jumbotron and it may have just been the most epic night ever.

The significance of the moment was not lost on Lil’ Horford, who could not believe his eyes when a Hawks cheerleader walked by with an array of candy in this picture courtesy of @Jose3030

Judging by the below video, he grabbed himself some Peanut M&M’s, but was much more interested in her Mounds.

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