Alabama Fan Votes Nick Saban For President With Write-In Vote

Today the President of The United States will be elected, and we as rabid sports fans know that when are beloved coaches win and please us, we sometimes make statements like such and such for President.

Well this morning, one identified fan took that praise a step further.

Alabama fan and state resident John Chumbler did not like any of the choices he was given for Commander In Chief, so he made a choice of his own via the write in vote.

In this picture courtesy of Lost Lettermen, you can see Chumbler wrote in his ballot box for Saban and Seawell.

If you’re wondering who Seawell is, he is the Alabama Crimson Tide’s men’s golf coach.

He is the reigning SEC coach of the year in golf.

People we have to smarten up.


4 thoughts on “Alabama Fan Votes Nick Saban For President With Write-In Vote

  • This idiot should not be allowed to vote.

  • If Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, can run for Judge then Saban can be president.

  • To the dumbass who posted his completed ballot online…congrats! You just committed a misdemeanor.

    • No he didn’t. Just got off the phone with legal analyst and well know attourney James R.Thompson and what this person did was classified as “Voter transgressive misconduct” not a misdemeanor. Look it up!

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