Alabama Governor: Saban Should’ve Run the Ball At End of A&M Loss

To say that SEC football is religion in the South may be an understatement.  Nearly a week after Saturday’s loss to Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, Alabama coach Nick Saban is still being criticized for his play-calling after his offense failed to score the go-ahead touchdown against the Aggies despite having four attempts inside of the A&M 10 yard-line late in the 4th quarter.  You can now add Alabama Governor Robert Bentley to Saban’s list of critics via

“I would actually have run the ball for four straight times,” Bentley said when asked if he would have run the ball on 4th down from the 2-yard line.

You can hear the audio clip of Governor Bentley’s comment from an appearance on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show here.  Bentley is an Alabama alum, and having grown up in the SEC country I can’t say that I’m surprised that Bentley chose to add his “two cents” to the Crimson Tide’s Monday morning quarterback collection plate.  Nevertheless, I don’t expect Nick Saban or this Alabama team to flinch at all following the loss.  There is plenty of football left, and Alabama may just find themselves back in the BCS Title Game if they don’t stumble again.




2 thoughts on “Alabama Governor: Saban Should’ve Run the Ball At End of A&M Loss

  • Governor.. You don’t practice with the tide day in and day out. It’s like Gene stallings said “that’s probably what they practice over and over for that type of situation and no one can sit back and do the “he shoulda done this, he shoulda done that”.. Worry about being the governor. Us state employees sure wouldnt mind a raise. It’s sad that there was a search warrant executed in alabama just the other day, where the suspects were proud to tell us ” we ain’t no drug dealers, we is on food stamps and Medicade, we just tryin to get by”.. However 24 ounces of high grade marihuana was found. Not your normal high grade, but this is 500$ an ounce high grade.. So us state employees (I’d rather not mention my agency) busting our ass and risking our lives ( I gross 1380.00 biweekly ) are getting barely able to get by.. But this drug dealer with 12,000$ worth of marijuana gets food stamps and Medicade and living sec 8. DRUG SCREEN THESE WELLFARE, FOODSTAMP, AND MEDICADE APPLICANTS, and give some state police a raise. Please

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