Amir Khan Says Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s Disease Affected His Training

I would get in trouble from time to time at school for saying things that were historically accurate, but not politically correct.

For instance, as a 9 year old I questioned how did Christopher Columbus discovered America if there were already Indians here (I was sent to Principle’s office for that one).

My mom then told me something I remember to this day.

“Pick your battles son, some aren’t worth the headache.”

What Amir Khan is saying is probably true, but it is only going to make him look bad and like he is making excuses for his poor performances. Here is what Khan had to say via Yahoo Sports about training with Freddie.

It’s hard to see him older and getting worse. I wish him the best. Freddie, with the Parkinson’s disease, he was struggling with instructions and couldn’t move as well.

Freddie has denied that is the case, but either way it was time for Khan to move on because he wasn’t getting better.

Virgil Hill is Khan’s new trainer and if he doesn’t teach Khan how to protect his chin the results will be the same.