Andrew Bynum Sued By Neighbors, Accused Of Brandishing Guns, Using Drugs

Andrew Bynum is in the news again, and as usual it has nothing to do with basketball.

TMZ is reporting that Bynum is suing his former West Chester, California neighbors Ramond and Cindy Beckett, claiming they are violent, and racist.

The neighbors have countered that claim, saying Andrew is the actual problem.

According to the suit filed in L.A. Superior Court, Bynum says the Beckett’s have objected to his

“profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music.”
Bynum also claims his former neighbors behaved like children,  thrown coins at his Ferrari, screamed at him about his music, and beat on the side of his with a long stick.
The Beckett’s have now responded to the lawsuit with a countersuit of their own, claiming Andrew Bynum is the neighbor from hell who only sued them to strike with some sort of lawsuit before they were able to.
In their own legal documents, the Beckett’s accuse Bynum of a number of different misdeeds.
they include.
: brandishing FIREARMS in an attempt to intimidate the Becketts
: “apparently” using drugs and allowing weed smoke to drift next door
: blasting loud, profane rap music (including the song “Currency” by Trina)
: blasting his video games at “window-shaking volumes”
: letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood
: constantly racing his luxury cars at dangerous speeds
Bynum has of course denied those allegations against him, and according to his own court documents, the Beckett’s have since sold their home and moved since the lawsuit was drawn up.
Both sides were unavailable for a comment.
I’m not sure who to believe, I don’t have any idea who Ramond and Cindy Beckett are.
I do on a daily basis get to form some type of opinion about Andrew Bynum though.
Lets run through the list of accusation.  Bynum does enjoy the brandishing and use of firearms.   I have no solid proof the young man has ever used drugs, but that might explain the hair for us now.
Andrew loves loud music, and he loves his fast sports cars even more than that.
I don’t know people, I’ll let you guys be the judge of this one.