Andrew Luck Gives Himself A “C” Average So Far, Talk About Expectations

You hear a lot of athletes talk about expectations and the pressure they put on themselves.

How nobody’s pressure or standards can be greater than their own.

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck is living proof of that.

According to Pro Football Talk via the Associated Press, Luck feels his performance so far is average at best.

”The victories are what I judge things on. I think I’ve got to cut down on the turnovers and putting touchdowns on the board,” Luck said. ”I think perfect would be to win every game, and not have any incompletions or interceptions.”

Man talk about expectations.

Luck broke Cameron Newton’s rookie passing yards in a game record Sunday after putting 433 up against the Dolphins.

He’s tied Peyton Manning’s rookie record for 300 yard passing games with 4 already.

Humble and hungry at the same damn time.

Legend in the making.