Avery Johnson Tired of KG knowing all the Nets Plays

After 17 seasons in the NBA, you can pretty much conclude that Kevin Garnett has seen it all.

As the future Hall of Famer has aged over the years, he’s turned himself into one of the premier defenders in the league. His attention to detail has also made him extremely aware of potential plays the opposing offense could be running.

Apparently, Nets coach Avery Johnson is sick of it.

Per ESPNNewYork.com: “The funny thing is, I wish he would be quiet on the floor and not call out your plays,” Johnson said Thursday before his Nets took on the Celtics.

He’s seen so much. We’ll call a play and he’ll say, ‘Joe (Johnson) is going over here and Deron (Williams) is going here.’ It’s not funny anymore, OK?

As much as (Rajon) Rondo quarterbacks their offense, (Garnett) quarterbacks their defense. … I like every now and then when we’ll surprise him with something, and then maybe he’ll look at the bench and curse the other coaches out, not me.”

At 36, Kevin Garnett is obviously past his prime. But his length and sharp mind has allowed himself to remain a highly productive player in today’s NBA.

The Big Tickets still got it.