Baylor DC Says They Would Beat Bama, SEC Teams Face Nothing Like Them

Hi everyone meet Phil Bennett.

He is the defensive coordinator of Baylor University, and before last Saturday, he was the Embattled defensive coordinator, fighting for his job.

Wow, what one week, and knocking off the number 1 team in America will do to your confidence and ego.

Bennett must have been extremely happy about his upset over #1 Kansas State, because right after that victory, Bennett muttered out this words via Saturday Down South.

“Alabama? We would have beat them tonight!”

“That’s why Texas A&M is doing well in that league… SEC teams don’t face anything like us.”

Now lets not forget that, Baylor’s offense is extremely explosive.

Finally for all who may not know, Phil Bennett’s defensive is allowing 504 yards per game, one of the worst in america, and Baylor is only 5-5.

Smarten up Nas.