Ben Roethlisberger Fumble or Incomplete Pass You Make The Call (Video)


The rule is clear.

If you have control of the football when you arm is going forward it is an incomplete pass. If you have an “empty hand” it is a fumble.

Roethlisberger is hit, but doesn’t lose control nor has an empty hand while his hand is going forward. There is slight movement, but never a loss of control.

Video is clear, they refs also ignore a blatant block in the big on the return as well.


  1. Respectfully disagree. There was a shift in the grip on the ball before release. He did not have control. I was a fumble.

    • It was a Fumble yes, TD.. I don’t think So. Where was that Block in the back on Heath? TD should of been negated, and the score (due to another bad call) should of been either 7-3 or 7-7 if the Giants did Capitalize on the one possession.

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