Bikini Basketball Team Disbanded After Sexual Misconduct Accusations

I think the Bikini Basketball League could succeed in a similar way that the Lingerie Football League has. As long as the product on the court was legit, the “bikinis” would just bring in the viewers.

Like any start up business public perception is important. Any type of negative press can shut a business down quickly especially if the business is risque and dependent on investors.

That is why this report by No Coast Bias is a bit disturbing. According to NCB the Chicago franchise which went by the name of the Chicago Desire has been disbanded.

The reason why is the majority owner and GM Donovan Price is being accused of sexual misconduct. The first thing I thought of was the “Casting Couch” in Hollywood where young ladies would have to sleep with producers to get roles in movies.  While details of what type of sexual misconduct Price is being accused of, I think you can figure it out.

I give the league credit for taking immediate action, here is the memo they sent to investors explaining why the team was being disbanded.

One small problem though. According to No Coast Bias the investors are not please that a new team has already popped up under the management of Ex-Wife Eddy Curry (I know you can’t make this stuff up). The investors are planning to file an injunction against the new team and a lawsuit against the league for fraud, wrongful termination, and misrepresentation.

The league is still scheduled to start play in 2013.

2 thoughts on “Bikini Basketball Team Disbanded After Sexual Misconduct Accusations

  • My favorite player in the BBL is the girl in the 3rd picture.

  • I’d rather see these chicks dancing around a strip pole and giving lap dances instead of playing ball. If I want to see femailes playing BBall I’ll watch the WNBA.

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